PHO GA : Rice noodle soup

chiken pho or pho ga

While beef phở may be the version that most people know and like, chicken phở is also excellent. In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in phở gà (pronounced “Fuh Gah”)within the Vietnamese American community, and Xuyen Vietnamese restaurants is specialized in the delicate noodle soup. Some of them use free-range gà chạy or gà đi bộ (literally “jogging chicken” or “walking chicken”), yielding bowls full of meat that has a flavor and texture reminiscent of traditionally raised chickens in Vietnam.

chiken pho or pho ga

Looking for Pho Ga or Chiken Pho ?

Some cooks flavor chicken phở broth with the same spices they use for beef phở, some prefers using coriander seeds and cilantro to distinguish the two.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Phở Gà is that it uses every part of the chicken, including the liver, heart, gizzards, etc

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