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Hand Sanitizer/Disposable Masks/ Gloves available along with grocery.
A regimen of additional sanitation and hygiene being implemented at Xuyen Restaurant.

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Banh Mi at Xuyen Vietnamese Cafe Gladstone, Missouri

Bánh mì


Ga Nuong

Goi Coun Vietnamese spring roll

Gỏi cuốn

Exceptional Service

Exceptional service and personal attention to detail creates a memorable Vietnamese dining experience right here at home. Please visit “My Country” soon and often where you will be treated to dishes made like you are a family member, because you are

Vietnamese Dishes, Preparation, Ingredients


Beset Vietnamese Restaurant

we are the best quality and Vietnamese restaurant

My Xuyen replicates the home cooking and charm of an actual Vietnamese restaurant found in color of our home front, of our family home in Soc Trang Vietnam

My Xuyen translates to ``My Country`` in English. The owners Spencer and Sam Hardin have one foot in America and one foot remaining in Vietnam.

Sam grew up in Soc Trang , South Vietnam and left for America in 1975 during the communist takeover . Spencer is a Vietnam era veteran who served in the U S Navy. The Hardins are well equipped to bring authentic Vietnamese flavors to our friends here in Kansas City. The original receipe for Soc Trang Noodles used in Pho Tai and other dishes is made from ingredients kept within the family for generations and never duplicated.

The Hardin and Tran families invite you to enjoy our family's hospitality at ``our country`` ,My Xuyen Vietnamese Cafe.

Our Chefs have outstanding skills in food preparation and presentation

Xuyen Vietnamese Café

When you enter the front door of My Xuyen Vietnamese Café you will immediately become aware that this place is different from any other Vietnamese or Chinese Restaurant you have visited. The reception is warm and personal, like you would receive if you were a family member coming home. Repurposed furniture and Vietnamese artifacts surround you. The smells of ginger, hoisin, peppers, and soup entice you to try something as unique as the setting. We hope you make My Xuyen Vietnamese Restaurant your home restaurant, because you are always welcome home.

Vietnamese Restaurant, Vietnamese coffee and Boba Tea and foods
Vietnamese Restaurant, Vietnamese coffee and Boba Tea and foods

Vietnamese foods

Vietnamese foods is distinct and extraordinary. The cooking relies on a balance of salty, sweet, sour and hot flavours, achieved through use of nuoc mam, a fermented fish sauce, cane sugar, the juice of kalamansi citrus fruit or tamarind and chilli peppers.

COM GA NUONG Vietnamese roasted Chiken
Vietnamese roasted chicken com ga nuong
bot chien fried rice flour cake with eggs vietnamese street food

Surprise For Your Plate

Vietnamese coffee and Boba Tea

My Xuyen features Cafe Sua Da , a popular, iced Vietnamese coffee and cream drink made at the table. Available also is BoBa tea which can be made in several flavors. It is a smooth iced drink with tapioca jewels in the bottom of the glass. Of course hot teas and coffees are offered.

bubble teas or boba tea
bubble-tea- vietnamese tea in kansas city, Vietnamese food in Kansas City
cafe sua da Vietnamese Coffee

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