Bun Thit Nuong Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork

Bun Thit nuong

Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork: Bun Thit Nuong

Vietnam is famous for its historical places, grassy mountains, fascinating beaches and delicious foods. The traditional food items make the tourists aficionado of them and they wish to eat them again and again. Bun Thit Noung (Vermicelli Noodles With Grilled Pork) is one of such a dish.

Bun Thit nuong

The literally meaning of Thit Nuong is baked or barbecued meat. Only pork is used to cook this item while Bun means noodles and rice vermicelli noodles are considered best for it. The dish is popular in all three regions of Vietnam and now in United States also.


It is one of many amazing Vietnamese dishes, so good due to its contrast of flavors and textures, all combined into a single delicious bowl.


Besides boneless pork the other ingredients are shallot, rice wine, black pepper, different sauces and oil.

Bun Thit Nuong: bun thit noung preparation

The pork meat is marinated in fish sauce, garlic, sugar, shallot, soy sauce, sometimes fish sauce and rice wine then it is skewered and put on barbecue.

Appetizing smell

The blazing charcoal and skewers of marinated pork give appetizing smell while sizzling over the fire. It doubles the savor and relish and prepares you mentally for delicious dish.


As soon as the meat is done grilled it is pulled from the spits and set onto a bed of wiggly bun rice vermicelli noodles.


Into the bowl first the chopped herbs; sweet basil, some lettuce and coriander are placed, and then rice vermicelli noodles are spread followed by grilled pork.

Bun Thit Nuong: Vietnamese Noodle Bowls

Next the Bun Thit Nuong is garnished with scallions, Vietnamese pickles, handful of peanuts, mint leaves, bean sprouts, crunchy vegetables; carrot and cucumber and finally few scoops of sweet fish sauce that is called in local language nuoc cham. It is made of seasoning fish sauce, lime or lemon vinger, water, sugar, garlic and Thai chillies. It imparts a unique taste. Some people like to keep the fish sauce separate it helps to control the amount of sauce per bite.

vietnamese pork recipe ingredients

A bowl of of crushed chilies is always put with the dish. And people add chilly as per their own taste.


The Bun Thit Nuong presentation is always so colorful that it give the appetizing look to the dish. And people eat with pleasure and delight.


Sweet and sour meat, fresh herbs, crunchy peanuts, crisp carrot, pickle indeed make a wonderful bowl of Bun Thit Noung.

Perfect Meal

In fact savory flavors of meat, fragrance of lemongrass and garlic, fresh herbs and vegetables and different sauces make the bowl a perfect meal that  give coolness and energy simultaneously.


Some people like to use shrimp instead of pork in that case low sodium soy sauce is also added in marinating process while the rest of ingredients remain the same as of pork.

Unique Way of presnetation

As it is eaten in all regions of Vietnam therefore the presentation way of Bun Thit Nuong is different Southern Vietnamese presents it in one bowl while in North the rice noodles and vegetables each are presented on separate plates while the meat is put in a bowl.


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