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It is also known as Pearl Milk Tea, Bubble Milk Tea, Boba Tea, or simply BOBA) in Chinese- 波霸奶茶 and in pinyin: bōbà nǎichá, is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in Tainan and Taichung in the 1980s according to Wikipedia.

It contains tea of some kind, flavors or milk, as well as sugar which is optional. Toppings are added, such as chewy tapioca balls, also known as pearls, or boba, popping boba, grass jelly, fruit jelly, agar jelly, and puddings. Ice-blended versions are frozen and put into a blender, resulting in a slushy consistency. Bubble Tea has many varieties, with a wide range of flavors. The two most popular varieties are black pearl milk tea and green pearl milk tea.

bubble teas or boba tea and flavors

The tapioca pearls at the bottom of the drink or glass are often mistakenly referred to as the “bubbles.” However, bubble tea is another term for milk tea. The drink named the “bubble” as froth formed when the milk tea mixture is shaken.

Boba teas fall under two categories: Milk Teas and without milk teas.

Both varieties come with a choice of black, green, or oolong tea, and come in many flavors (both fruit and non-fruit). Milk teas include either condensed milk, powdered milk, or fresh milk. In addition, Xuyen Vietnamese Restaurant in KC sell Asian style smoothies, which include a dairy base and either fresh fruit or fruit-flavored powder (but no tea).

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How to make Boba Tea or Bubble Tea

The oldest known bubble tea consisted of a mixture of hot Taiwanese black tea, small tapioca pearls condensed milk, and honey. Many variations followed but the most common are served cold rather than hot.

tropica pearl for boba tea

Other varieties of the drink can include blended tea drinks. Some may be blended with ice cream. There are also smoothies that contain both tea and fruit.

flavor pearl for boba tea

Although bubble tea originated in Taiwan, bubble tea ‘mash ups’ are becoming popular, where inspiration for flavours comes from other cuisines. For example, some places uses hibiscus flowers, saffron, cardamom, or rosewater.

Some Facts about Boba Tea or Bubble Tea

BOBA; Tapioca balls are the important chewy tidbits in bubble tea, but a wide range of other options can be used to add similar texture to the drink. These are usually black due to the brown sugar mixed in with the tapioca. Green pearls makes green tea flavor and are chewier than the traditional tapioca balls. Jelly comes different shapes: stars, small cubes, or rectangular strips, and flavors such as coconut jelly, grass jelly, konjac, lychee, mango, coffee and green tea available at Xuyen Vietnamese Cafe. Mung bean or Azuki bean paste, typical toppings for Taiwanese shaved ice desserts, give the drinks an added subtle flavor as well as texture. Also Aloe, egg pudding (custard), and sago available.

Bubbles Tea Jellies

Popping Boba

Popping Boba are sphere-shaped and have fruit juices, Honey or syrups inside of them. They are also popular toppings. The many flavors include mango, lychee, strawberry, green apple, cantaloupe, blueberry, coffee, chocolate, passion fruit, pomegranate, orange, yogurt, kiwi, peach, banana, lime, cherry, pineapple, red guava, etc.

How to Drink Bubble Tea; Drink it Fast

Bubble tea cafés like Xuyen Vietnamese Café will frequently offer drinks without coffee or tea in them. The dairy base for these drinks is flavoring blended with ice, often called snow bubble. All mix-ins that can be added to the bubble tea can be added to these slushie-like drinks. One drawback is that the coldness of the iced drink may cause the tapioca balls to harden, making them difficult to suck up through a straw and chew. To prevent this from happening, these slushies must be consumed more quickly than bubble tea.

Bubble tea love is definitely there, a lot of people still don’t know much about it..

Bubble tea is most common in Taiwan, and even though it’s become hugely popular outside of Taiwan, special in United States, you can still get a lot of confused looks when you mention it.

Buble Tea’s User Review

Phan has been drinking bubble tea since he was 10 years old. That’s a long time to have been drinking bubble tea.

Interesting Facts or how it is made

Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan, and the “bubble” part of its name refers to the froth you get from shaking it.What makes bubble tea really unique though, are the “toppings”.

Toppings are at the bottom of the drink and you drink it with a huge straw, so bubble tea is like a mixture between a food and a drink; it’s like a drink snack.

“A lot of people when they see the toppings go ‘Oh, that’s bubble tea!’

The original and most common “topping” is tapioca pearls.

Tapioca pearls, black balls you see at the bottom of the drink, are starch that comes from the cassava root. It’s rolled in a ball, and we cook it fresh here. It has to be boiled and cooked and it can be flavoured with any kind of sugar or syrup you want. We flavour it with brown sugar at Xuyen Vietnamese Café.

“It’s slightly sweet and slightly chewy, and has a very addictive texture. It’s something that people call ‘kue kue’ texture – we have a lot of foods with this kind of chewy texture, like mochi.”

popping or topping of boba tea

You can also now get jellies and popping boba as toppings.

“The jellies we use are actually called ‘nata de coco’ and are from the Philippines. They’re made from coconut water. They ferment the coconut water and this allows it to jellify, but they don’t add gelatin or anything like that – it’s vegan and gluten-free. Then they flavour it by adding juices or fruit syrups to it.

Popping boba are filled with fruit juice or fruit puree, and they’re made through a process called spherification. It’s made by dropping acidic fruit juice into an algae cellulose calcium solution that naturally forms a skin around it.

Judge how good a bubble tea is.

If you have to chew the pearl 20 times then it’s too hard, and too chewy. If it breaks down in your mouth after two bites, then it’s probably a bit stale, or has been overcooked.

We make our pearls fresh every two hours. The quality of the pearl is a very good gauge of whether the bubble tea cafe is making things fresh and whether they care about the quality of their drink. You can compare our café with others.

The toppings can be a choking hazard: for children or first-timers 

Choking is something first-timers might be in danger of as they are just not used to bubble tea. Just drinking it slowly and trying to only have three to four pieces of topping in your mouth at one time helps. Don’t go too quickly.

You can swallow the bubble whole, but it kind of defeats the purpose because they’re chewy. Also, don’t give bubble tea to children below the age of 4 years old, as the bubble could be a choking hazard for them.

If you want, you can order bubble tea without toppings.

Classic Milk tea is most popular

Classic milk tea is the original bubble tea flavour, and it’s still the most popular. Lots of places just call it classic milk tea; that’s generally the most popular flavour. It’s black tea with milk powder and sugar.

We make it by brewing really strong black tea, which we then strain and cool by pulling the liquid. We then add evaporated milk in to make it extra creamy and extra thick. It’s our top-selling flavor.

And if you haven’t had bubble tea before, definitely come try it! Most people either like it, or at the very least recognise it’s a new experience. It’s a really fun way to drink tea!

Xuyen Vietnamese Cafe offer many bubble tea flavors
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