Mi Quang: Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles

Mi Quang: Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles

Mi Quang Recipe

Many kind of noodles are used to cook this dish such as noodles prepared from brown rice, white noodles made from white rice and yellow noodles colored by the use of turmeric.

 The strong flavored thick consommé (broth or soup) that hardly cover the noodles make it a unique dish and if you eat slowly noodles will soak up the broth lowering the real taste of the dish. It means if you want to enjoy the flavor of Mi Quang you need to finish the bowl as quickly as possible. Usually ¼ cup consommé is served in one bowl. The consommé is made  saltier than soup and less salty than a sauce.

Mi Quang: Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles

Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles is enriched with proteins and vitamins

 The soup for Mi Quang is made from the bones of the meat that is used for the preparation of the dish and the meat is usually pork, chicken, shrimp or beef. Black pepper, shallot, garlic, salt, sugar, annato seed oil to impart the red or orange color to the meat and fish sauce are its essential ingredients.

Roasted peanuts, fresh herbs, perilla leaves, mint leaves, banana blossom, lime wedges, cilantro, green scallions and black sesame rice crackers are used to garnish and enhance the flavor. Some cooks use fresh lettuce, basil, spring onions and boiled quails eggs to make it tastier. Sometimes pineapple is added in consommé to get more flavor.

Mi Quang: Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles

When to eat

As it is a folk and popular dish therefore people eat Mi Quang at any time of the day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between any meal.

It is recognized as national food item so, customarily, it is served at family parties and death anniversaries too.

It is also called poor man dish because besides big and high level restaurants it can be found at street food stalls specially in central Vietnam abundance of street stalls offer Mi Quang with variety of flavors and at very cheap price.

It is easy to digest that’s why it can not only be consumed but devoured without any fear of stomach problem.

The quality and characteristic of this dish can be described in one sentence as: one bowl of Mi Quang make you addict of it.Mi Quang: Vietnamese Turmeric Noodles


Southeast Asian country Vietnam is one of the favorite tourist destination in the region. Tourists not only have the opportunity to visit religious and historical sites, but they also enjoy traditional foods and Mi Quang is one of them. what is Mi Quang and how is it cooked? let’s know.

Mi Quang noodles is one of the top five Vietnamese dishes. It was first prepared in the central Vietnam province Quang Nam therefore it is named after its origination place however it is prepared with different recipes across the country. Even the people of Quang Nam are not agree on one recipe and much diversity is exist about the ingredients of Mi Quang. Every cook has his own variation and use different items to make Mi Quang more and more delicious. It is a common thinking that the dish has many faces and it depends on what you have in the kitchen at the time of cooking this food item.

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