Goi Cuon: Vietnamese Spring Roll Vietnamese Spring Roll

Gỏi cuốn : Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Gỏi cuốn or Goi Coun commonly known as Vietnamese spring roll or summer roll, is a tasty and popular dish. Traditionally it is made of boiled pork, boiled prawn or shrimp, fresh vegetables, rice vermicelli, some sugar, salt, garlic powder and other ingredients and is wrapped in rice paper that preserve it freshness. Besides this, transparent rice paper giving it an appealing appearance make it mouth- watering item . Rice paper is must to make it .It is said that better the rice paper is, better the Goi Cuon is. The rice paper is dipped in normal water for less than a minute to make it soft and easy to wrap the ingredients.

Gỏi cuốn : Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

There are different kinds of Goi cuon (Vietnamese spring roll) available in Vietnam. Some like fish pie, grilled pork, pork patties as alternate of boiled pork, prawn and shrimp.


The terms spring roll and summer roll are used by most people, especially non Vietnamese often use these two terms because Vietnamese name of the food is little bit difficult for them to pronounce.

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This is one of the most favorite Vietnamese hors d’oeuvre (appetizer) and is included among world fifty best foods. Usually role is always fried but it is not fried. This quality not only make it unique but also distinguish it from Chinese spring rolls those are often fried. The fried spring role is named cha gio, which is filled with some different ingredients than Goi cuon.


As this food item, Vietnamese spring roll, is also popular in western countries so that it is also attributed by different English names such as salad rolls, cold rolls, crystal rolls and soft rolls. It is served with different sauces those increase its taste and make them more delicious. Usually sweet and sour dipping sauce and Vietnamese bean dipping sauce is liked with it. Some cooks use coconut cream to make the sauce thick that give good savoriness and each dip award a new zest.


Another quality of Goi cuon is to be healthy food because herbs like fresh lettuce, mint and basil are considered mandatory ingredients these herbs not only provide fresh bite but also have a good effect on health. The diet has no side effects and suit to allergic patients too. If anyone is allergic to pork and prawn he can use chicken as substitute.


Vegetarians can also eat Goi cuon by using tender crisp vegetables instead of meat. Prork and prawn can be replaced by slices of bell pepper, carrot, cabbage, daiken and radish. While adding nuts can double the flavor.


In short Goi cuon is the food one must try on his trip to Vietnam or vist to Xuyen Vietnamese restaurant.


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