Vermicelli topped with eggroll

Snacking on Cha Gio (Vietnamese Egg Rolls) plain is fine if you’re in a rush, but sometimes when you need something more substantial & get to pat yourself on the back for actually eating some greens. BUN CHA GIO is one good way to handle that.

The bowl is lined with fresh shredded lettuce at the bottom, then topped with just rice vermicelli and topped with the Egg Rolls. You can cut up the egg rolls into bite-sized pieces if you want.

Opt for the ‘green leaf’ or ‘red leaf’ lettuce which is softer and has more flavor. For the noodles, thin ones are easier to eat and cook faster too. Serve noodles at about room temperature quickly after boiling.

This dish goes well with some Vietnamese herbs like tia to (Vietnamese Perilla), kinh giới (Vietnamese balm) and rau thơm (mint). This is also good with cucumber slices and home made dồ chua (Vietnamese pickles).

The egg rolls are seasoned well by themselves, but since we’re eating this with a good amount of shredded lettuce and rice vermicelli, some nước chấm dipping sauce on the side is also presented.


Ingredients of Bun Cha Gio

egg rolls (chả giò)

Rice vermicelli noodles


shredded green or red leaf lettuce

Vietnamese pickles (dồ chua)

dipping sauce (nước chấm)


mint (rau thơm)

Vietnamese perilla – tiá tô

Vietnamese balm – kinh giới

Chah Gio
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