Month: September 2018


Pho Chay Vietnamese Dish

If you are a vegetarian wishing to have a taste of Vietnamese cuisine/ Vietnamese restaurant , you've got to learn one word: CHAY. It means “vegetarian” in Vietnamese. This is the vegetarian version of the national Vietnamese [...]

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bot chien vietnaemse street food cake

Bot Chien

Bot Chien: Fried Rice Flour Cakes Bot Chien -- Rice flour cakes are sticky, thick, and starchy are popular with both the afterschool and the after-midnight crowd in Vietnam. Chunks of rice flour bread are fried in a large wok [...]

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Bo Curry, Beef curry mutton curry Vietnamese Cafe & Fast Foods


BO CARY or Beef Curry: Spicy beef curry with carrots, green onions and yellow onions Beef curry or BO Cary is cooked with a recipe so it has a good appearance, with the perfect collocation of colors; yellowish potato, red or [...]

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